Auto Chinon 50mm f1.9

     This lens is very similar to some Ricoh 50mm's.   Chinon did make some Ricoh lenses so this is not a surprise.   Some older Chinon's were made by Tomioka but this lens was not.  It is a typical 80's lens with some metal and some plastic.   It is lightweight but built well.   Aperture clicks in half stops after f2.8.  Focus dampening is light and smooth.  
     At f1.9 it is sharp, just like a Ricoh, but it does fringe a little wide open.   The fringing is minor and easily corrected.   
     Contrast and color rendition are superb.   

     Bokeh is very smooth and bokeh fringing is well controlled.  

     Backlighting is handled well with only a minor loss of contrast.

     It images quite well with characteristics similar to Fujinon lenses.


ISO 400 - f1.9


ISO 400 - f1.9 - 100% crop


ISO 1000 - f2.8


ISO 400 - f1.9 - 100% crop

minor fringing


ISO 1000 - f1.9


ISO 1000 - f1.9


ISO 400 - f2.8