Canon 28-135 IS USM

     This is a nice lens.   Build quality is not confidence inspiring but when you see the results you quickly forget the lens wobble and cheap feel.   This lens has excellent highlight and shadow detail.  It is more like a Takumar than a Canon in its image rendition.  It has very little flare and shows only a small amount of chromatic aberrations in the form of minor fringing in extreme contrast scenes.  At 135mm the lens is tack sharp at f8-11.  That's impressive for a wide-tele zoom.   Image stabilization is very effective.  Focusing is accurate on my T2i.   Bokeh is smooth.  This lens is exactly what it was designed to be, a great multi-purpose wide-tele zoom.   I will be testing its capabilities as a candid portrait lens.  I assume it will be excellent.