EBC Fujinon 55mm f1.8

     All I need to say is WOW.   I've wanted an EBC Fujinon for years.   It is all I hoped it would be.

It's tack sharp at 1.8 w/ a beautifully smooth bokeh.    Color rendition is amazingly accurate.   Almost no chroma w/ just a tad of green bokeh fringing which can be seen at 200%.   Focus is well dampened.    Flare is well controlled w/ a uniform loss of contrast across the frame.    

     The only issue I had is w/ the way the lens meets the m42 adapter.  The aperture ring rubs against the adapter which means you have to loosen the lens to change the f-stop.   It mounts upside down, too.   Despite this annoyance I love this little gem already.   

EBC Fujinon 55mm
ebc fuji test00000105.JPG

ISO 800 - f1.8

ebc fuji test00000104.JPG

ISO 800 - f5.6

ebc fuji test00000103.JPG

ISO 800 - f1.8