Kiron 28-105 f3.2-4.5

     Kiron,  a company formed from ex-Nikon engineers,  was the first 'off brand' company to offer high quality wide-tele zoom lenses.  The 28-105. 28-85 and 28-200 were excellent lenses.  Perhaps too good because they were priced as high quality glass and that is what led to Kiron's end.   These zooms were produced by Komine and Kino Precision just like the Vivitar Series 1's of the same era.   This lens is sharp at 28mm and still sharp at 105mm.  Contrast is slightly soft but shadow detail is excellent.  Focus is well dampened but has a long slow turn to reach infinity.    

Kiron 28-105 f3.2-4.5 review