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Konica Hexanon AR 28mm f3.5 AE


Filter Size
Lens Mount
Aperture Range
Close Focus
Macro Ratio
Year Introduced
Tested with


Konica AR
f2.5 - f22
Eos M3

fl 135 4.JPG

Konica made five versions of this lens. The is the fourth version. It has updated multicoating and is smaller than the earlier versions. The first version was a preset lens. It was large and all metal. The 2nd version added auto aperture. It is labeled EE. I review that lens also. It was large and all metal. The third version was labeled AE, had auto aperture up to f16, and was still large and all metal. It had updated coatings. Some folks consider it to be the best version for sharpness. The fourth version, this one is labeled AE, had auto aperture up to f22 and is visibly smaller. Some folks consider it to be the best travel version. The fifth version was plasticky and didn't perform well compared to its predecessors. It was marketed as a Hexar.

Back to this version. It handled well on my Eos M3. It is comfortable to focus and focus well. It's not plastic but it is lightweight compared to the earlier versions. The lens coating is superb. Chroma is not an issue. Fringing is extremely well controlled. Flare is not an issue unless you shoot directly into the sun and even then it is well controlled. At f3.5 the lens is sharp. At f5.6, which is the next aperture on the ring, it is very sharp. At f8 it is tack sharp. Distortion is noticeable when shooting straight lines but it is easily corrected. If you plan to use it on a sub-frame body as a normal lens, it is something you should keep in mind, though. Color rendition is excellent and shadow detail is high. This is typical of vintage Konica. Bokeh is somewhat busy, but bokeh fringing is not an issue. That's a fair trade off in my opinion. Overall, this lens is excellent. I would rate it higher than my 28mm f3.5 SMC Takumar and it sells for less, too.

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