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Konica Hexanon AR 40mm f1.8 AE


Filter Size
Lens Mount
Aperture Range
Close Focus
Macro Ratio
Year Introduced
Tested with


Konica AR
f1.8 - f22
Eos M

My copy of this lens needed a CLA. A very faint haze remains in the sealed front element group. It doesn't appear to affect performance. I've begun shooting with it on the Eos M3. It is a lightweight pancake lens and is reasonably easy to focus. The aperture ring is a bit awkward to turn because it sits against the lens adapter. At f1.8 it is a good sharp lens with usable contrast. There is some noticeable dispersion at f1.8. F1.8 offers a smooth bokeh but bokeh at higher apertures is quite busy. Color rendition is accurate and saturation is natural. Fringing is not an issue except for some bokeh fringing at f1.8. It is gone by f4. Flare is an issue when shooting toward a light source. Ghosting is quite heavy and a lens hood should be used. Black and white images are contrasty with excellent tonal separation.

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