Konica Hexanon AR 52mm f1.8

     Konica 52mm lenses are very similar to their 50's.   Lens characteristics are almost exactly the same.   This 52mm has a slightly longer minimum focus distance than its 50mm brother.  Lens feel is identical to the 50mm.    Lens IQ is identical to the 50mm.   Do you need an extra 2mm?   Don't sweat it.   They are essentailly identical.  
     These Hexanon's are very well built.    
     On the M3 this lens handled well except for the aperture ring rubbing against the adapter.  This is always a possibility.   Otherwise it was comfortable to focus and hold reasonably steady.  

     As I said, the 52mm performs exactly like the 50mm.   F1.8 gives images a dream-like feel.   Bokeh is a bit busy at mid apertures so be careful not to oversharpen in post processing.    It would cause the bokeh to become jagged.  

     When I think of Konica lenses I think of street photography.   The IQ is lifelike and wonderful.  At f1.8 it is sharp but not tack sharp.  At f2.8 and up it tightens up.   Corner to corner performance is excellent.   Contrast is excellent throughout the range.  F1.8 is a tad soft.   Color rendition is fantastic.   Shadow detail is fantastic.    In backlit situations color accuracy remains high.   Clipping only occurs with extreme overexposure.  


ISO 400 - f1.8 - Great IQ


ISO 400 - f1.8 - Dreamy


ISO 400 - f1.8 - 100% crop


ISO 800 - f2.8


ISO 800 - f2.8- Nice color/No shifts


ISO 800 - f4


ISO 800 - f1.8

Simple B/W (no adjustment)


ISO 400 - f1.8 and f5.6