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Minolta SG MC Rokkor 28mm f3.5

Filter Size: 

Lens mount:

Aperture Range:

Close Focus:

Macro Ratio

Year Introduced:

Tested with...


Minolta SR

f3.5 - ?

.6 meters





     Are you a MInolta user?   Then you have probably used this lens at some point.    
     This was my first experience with the W Rokkor SG 28mm f3.5.   I tested it on a EOS M3 body with a Fotasy adapter.    It has an all metal body.  Like most f3.5's it jumps from f3.5 to f5.6.    It does offer 1/2 stop clicks from f5.6 up.    Focusing was not difficult but not nearly as effortless as with a Zuiko lens.   Focus dampening is smooth and light. 
     Sharpness is acceptable at f3.5 in most situations.   At f5.6 it tightens up a little bit.   
     Contrast is good except for backlit situations.   Flare causes a framewide reduction in contrast.   Corners are reasonably sharp.

     Vignetting is noticeable at f3.5.  

     Color rendition is typical Minolta.  It's a tad flat but accurate.  

     Bokeh is smooth but not dramtic.   This is typical for 28mm's.

     Black and white rendition is excellent.   See the example below.  Red on red is difficult for lenses to render in b/w.   This lens handled it with ease.

     This lens will fringe in harsh lighting at f3.5.   It will be noticeable but easily correctable.


ISO 800 - f5.6 - backlit


ISO 800 - f3.5 - 50% crop


ISO 200 - f3.5 - vignetting


ISO 200 - f3.5 & f5.6 - 100% crops


ISO 800 - f3.5


ISO 800 - f3.5 - 100% crop


ISO 800 - f3.5 - simple b/w conversion

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