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Minolta MD Celtic 135mm f3.5

Filter Size: 

Lens mount:

Aperture Range:

Close Focus:

Macro Ratio

Year Introduced:

Tested with...


Minolta SR

f3.5 - 22

1.5 meters





     Don't judge a lens by its price.   The Celtic series from Minolta performs very well and is made just as well.   It may be the best amateur line of lenses ever made.   
     The 135mm f3.5 is compact.   It is built solid.   Aperture runs clicks at f3.5 then f5.6 and then at 1/2 stops beween f5.6 and f16.  It has a built in hood.   Focus throw is a long 3/4 turn.  Minimum focus is approximately 4.5 feet.   
     It handles well on the Eos M3.   Focusing with 135's can be a chore but this one isn't too bad.   
     At f3.5 it is reasonably sharp but does suffer from purple fringing.   At f5.6 it tightens up.    I have only shot a few pics with it but I can say that it performs very well at medium to long range.   Contrast is consistent and quite good for a budget telephoto.   


f3.5 - ISO 400


f3.5 - ISO 400


f5.6 - ISO 400


f3.5 - ISO 400

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