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El Omegar 75mm f3.5


Filter Size
Lens Mount
Aperture Range
Close Focus
Macro Ratio
Year Introduced
Tested with


f3.5 - f16
Eos T2i

fl 135 4.JPG

Enlarging lenses make good macro lenses. They are flat field lenses with excellent corner sharpness, good shadow detail and are usually sharp wide open. They are also small and light, which makes them easy to handle on mirrorless bodies. Not all lenses are created equal. Some cheap enlarger lenses are simply not very good. This lens is reasonably inexpensive and it performs quite well. It is sharp from f3.5 thru f11. At f16 it suffers from diffraction. Contrast is slightly soft at f3.5 but excellent at f5.6. Color rendition is excellent. Bokeh is very soft wide open and it remains uncluttered as the lens is stopped down. There is some bokeh fringing at f3.5.

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