Nikkor Ai 50mm f2

      I've only done some quick testing of my copy of this lens to be sure the Fotodiox Nikon to Eos adapter works properly, which it does.    I can tell you that the 50mm f2 is easy to focus without an af confirm chip, and it's really sharp at f2.  In fact, I couldn't see any difference between f2 and f4 in sharpness with my handheld shots.    Many photographers consider this lens a sleeper.  Upon first look I tend to agree.   I can't wait to test it in good light.   I also noticed it handles very well at close focus distances.   I think it will be a great macro lens with a bellows or tubes.   Stay tuned for an update.

nikkor 50mm Ai
Nikkor 50mm f2 Ai f2 100crop.JPG

ISO 200 - f2 - 100%crop