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Holding your camera, changing lenses and caring for your camera.

Learn how and why cameras work, how to adjust camera settings and learn how the settings affect your photo.

Learn how lenses work, how to choose the proper lens for a specific type of photo and how to deal with problems that may arise.   Learn how to choose accessories for your lens.

Learn what filters do, how and when to use them and the different types available. 

Learn about tonality and how color looks in black and white images, how to see and manipulate shades of gray and how to use filters to emphasize specific tones.

Learn how to prepare your camera, choose a good location, use your lens and filters and deal with common problems.

Sunsets are landscapes that require special considerations.

Snow scenes are landscapes that require special considerations.

Close ups are fascinating.    Learn how to photograph small, beautiful objects with the special equipment which allows you to enter the macro world.

Portraits are more than 'say cheese'.  Learn the basics of lighting and how to choose the right lens.

Photographing the moon is easier than you think.  Learn the easy way to get a good shot of the moon.

How to test your lens with modern tools.