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Sears 80-200mm f4-5.6

Filter Size: 

Lens mount:

Aperture Range:

Close Focus:

Macro Ratio

Year Introduced:

Tested with...


Ricoh K

f4 - f22

1.8 meters



Eos M3 / 35mm

Sears 80-200mm f4-5.6 lens

     There was a time when you could get a quality lens from Sears   Sears lenses were made well.  It has a 1:5 macro capability and is a one-touch, push-pull zoom.  Optics are multi-coated. The lens build is all metal.  
     For many shooters, this lens is a sleeper.  For me, it was the second lens I owned and it never let me down.  The negatives:  Soft at f4 with noticeable green fringing from 80mm to 200mm.   The positives:  It sharpens up at F5.6 and is tack sharp at f8 through the entire zoom range.   No noticeable vignetting or distortion.  The combination focus / zoom  ring is very well dampened.   Bokeh is smooth.   No special procedure is needed to enter macro mode, just zoom in to 200mm and you are at 1:5 macro.  Color rendition is cool.  Contrast is slightly soft compared to a Takumar.  While I would not rank this lens as anything but consumer grade, it is capable of producing sharp, pleasing images.

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