Soligor 35mm f2.8 Wide Auto

     Tokina made this Soligor lens.  Tokina made many Soiigor lenses.   This lens can be purchased for less than $30 in excellent condition. 

     It is well built as all Tokina lenses are.    Focus travel is silky smooth.   The aperture ring is a work of art.   It moves and clicks into place elegantly. 

     Focusing on thte T2i was not easy.   I suggest using an AF confirm adapter if possible.    It should be much easier on a mirrorless body.  

     It is reasonably sharp at f2.8.   I didn't expect it to be as sharp as it is wide open.   

     Contrast is very high.   You may need to reduce contrast in post processing when shhoting landscapes or people.   This lens appears to be best suited for architecture and street scenes in black and white. 

     Color rendition is accurate.   Highlights do not suffer from radical color shifts despite the high contrast of the lens.   I didn't notice any obvious fringing either except for minor blue fringing in blown out highlights.   

     I didn't notice any distortion or vignetting on the sub frame T2i. 

     Bokeh is typical of a wide angle lens.   It tends to be busy but not distracting.  Bokej fringing can be seen thru f5.6 with the majority of color shift occuring beyond the focus point.

sol 350011.JPG

ISO 1600 - f4 - 50% crop

Contrast reduced in post


ISO 400 - f2.8 - 100% crop


ISO 3200 - f4 - 50% crop


ISO 400 - f4 - 50% crop


ISO 200 - f4 - 50% crop

Contrast reduced in post.


ISO 400 - f2.8


ISO 200 - f4


ISO 800 - f2.8 and f4 - 100% crop

contrast & sharpness


ISO 400 - f2.8


bokeh fringe - f2.8


bokeh fringe - f4


bokeh fringe - f5.6