Student Cameras

     Students require 35mm film slr's for most photography courses offered at the beginner level.  Those slr's should allow the student to manually control all settings on the camera.               The cameras on this list have been selected from my collection as good choices for students.  

Canon TX w/ 50mm f1.8 FD


#236507    Very clean and excellent meter.  Mechanical shutter.   


Pentax Spotmatic F w/ SMC Takumar 55mm f1.8

Ex++ Circa 1972

Solid, fully functioning and clean.  Minor brassing at the usual wear points.  Minor scratches.  Viewfinder is clean w/ a couple of minor specks.  Meter works perfectly and I mean perfectly.  Shutter is accurate.  Self timer works.   Lens in clean with no wear.  Aperture is dry and snappy.  Focus is silky smooth and the aperture ring is clicking nicely.   Auto/Manual switch working perfectly.   Note:  On the Spotmatic F, the auto/manual switch is bypassed in order to make sure the lens never slips off auto.  This feature is also working perfectly.  Don't force the selector switch!!!  

OEM ready case, strap and new battery are included.


Minolta Maxxum 4 w/ 28-80 maxxum lens

People tend to shy away from 90's era AF cameras but many are very good.   The Maxxum 4 offers manual control. it's lightweight w/ a good lens.  The only drawback to these cameras is the battery cost, but one set of batteries should last for more then 25 rolls of film,  depending on how often you use the flash.    So, this makes the student camera list.   (Yes, I will include fresh batteries)  This particular camera has a streak in the viewfinder which can be ignored, doesn't affect function and (luckily for you) lowers the price of the camera.  So, if you want a cheap ,  good student camera, this is the one.  


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