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Tamron 35-135mm f3.5-4.2 22A

     I found a good copy of this lens recently, along with a 28-135 and a 35-210.    This 22A is the easiest to use.   It is a one-touch zoom with a 1:4 macro option.  Macro engages easily at 135mm and it is a necessity on ths lens.   Minimum focus is 6 feet without it.   My copy has no zoom creep and the focus/zoom helicoid is very smooth.  F stops range from f3.5 to f22(32) with clicks at half stops up to f16.   It is very well made even though it is not an SP model. Filter size is 72mm.

     The weather and my health have been a hindrance lately, but I managed to get a few shots the other day.  It handled very well on my 6D.   Focusing at 135mm went without hassle.  Focusing at 35mm was bit tricky.   I zoomed in to 135mm to focus and pulled back to 35 for the shot.  Live view would have been a better choice but I didn't have the time and it was very cold.  

     At f3.5 the lens is soft through the entire focal range.   Fringing and dispersion are noticeable.   However, at f5.6 this lens tightens up nicely with sharp, contrasty and color accurate images.      Fringing is not an issue at f5.6.   Contrast is impressive for a zoom of this range.   Corner sharpness is also very good.    Flare can be an issue.   Contrast loss and abberations will appear at all apertures.  I suggest using a hood and avoiding direct sunlight.  Distortion is surpringly low but vignetting is noticeable at f3.5 and still visible at f5.6.   Image quality in macro mode is excellent and the 1:4 ratio is good enough for general shooting.    Don't expect to capture the wings of a fly though.
     So far, I like this lens more than the 28-135mm f4-4.5 SP.   It is much easier to handle and would make a nice travel lens.   


6D Full Frame


135mm f5.6 - 50% crop


135mm f5.6


135mm - f3.5 - macro range


135mm f3.5 & f5.6 - 100% crop


135mm f5.6 - 100% crop


135mm f5.6 - 100% crop


f5.6 - flare


135mm f5.6 - 50% crop

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