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Tamron 70-210mm f4-5.6 Adaptall

     This adaptall lens was made at a time when plastic was being used to cut costs by most lens makers.    It is very light, not well made and quite clunky.   The focus/zoom ring is not dampened, much like an AF lens' focusing ring.   Focusing is difficult to nail and almost impossible to maintain.   It's a shame because the optics aren't bad.   

     I took some quick pics fom the window.   I shook a little on some of the pics.   It won't be noticeable in these samples.   

     Sharpness is acceptable.   Actually, it is better than many lenses which cost much more.    

     Contrast is a little low at 210mm.  

     Color rendition and saturation is a bit flat but not bad.   

     There is noticeable fringing in high contrast scenes. but you may not see it in standard prints.  

     For $20 it is a good usable lens optically.   The cheap feel may be a turn off for you as it is for me.   However, it is ver light and relatively, so you may find it handy on a mirrorless body.


ISO 400 - f 5.6 - 210mm


ISO 400 - f5.6 - 210mm



ISO 400 - f4 - 70mm


ISO 400 - f5 - 150mm - 50% crop


ISO 400 - f5.6 - 210mm

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