Used Rangefinder

All equipment is inspected & tested.  

Minolta Himatic 9 #534088


Nice rangefinder.  Great lens.   Meter is working nicely. Shutter is accurate at all speeds.  Auto mode is working.   Self timer works.  Viewfinder is clean and framing lines are very bright. Focus is smooth and precise.  Body is clean.   Note:  There is a number etched onto the back of the top plate.   It is faint but noticeable in strong light.  That's character in my book because these cameras are pieces of history.  


Kodak Retina 1a


A beautiful old Kodak with a sharp Xenar lens.  Working nicely.


Yashica J


A budget 35mm rangefinder offered as an alternative to the Lynx. The Yashica J has the same sharp Yashinon lens as the Lynx but has no internal meter.  Comes with OEM Ready case.  Great camera for b/w portraits.


35 Petri CC 2.8


1955.  2nd version.  Clean.   Shutter is good from 1/10 up.   It can be slow occasionally below 1/10.  It needs to be used regularly.  There is brassing under the film advance lever.    Rangefinder is good.  Focus is smooth.


Minolta HiMatic 7


Body is very clean, viewfinder has a little haze.  Shutter/aperture blades are working well after a light cleaning.   Meter responds to battery but does not respond to light.    Nice lens for street photography.


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