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Vivitar 55mm f2.8 Macro


Filter Size
Lens Mount
Aperture Range
Close Focus
Macro Ratio
Year Introduced
Tested with


f2.8 - f16
Eos T2i

fl 135 4.JPG

Wow. Komine hit the nail right on the head with this one. It is razor sharp. At f2.8 it is tack sharp. It is a true macro. It focus smoothly and seemlessly from infinity down to 1:1. The lens barrel does extend significantly. The lens more rhan doubles in length. Focus throw is short in normal shooting but quite long as you enter macro range. This is ideal. The aperture clicks at half stops. Color rendition is superb. Contrast is excellent at all apertures. Shadow detail is excellent. Fringing is minimal. I had to shoot in very harsh light at f2.8 just to get a noticeable fringe. It will fringe in the corners in harsh backlight at f2.8, but if you are shooting f2.8 into the sun you deserve abberations. Even at f2.8 it is barely noticeable on typed text. Bokeh is very smooth at wide apertures. I have not tested for small aperture bokeh yet. Bokeh fringing is an unexpected weak point. The lens handles very well on my T2i. Focus is easy to obtain. The lens is reasonably lightweight, no heavier than a good 50mm.

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