Vivitar 28mm f2.5

      My copy of this lens was Kiron made with a 62mm filter size.   Kiron made Vivitars are usually

very sharp and this lens fits that descrition.    If the serial # starts with 22 it is a Kiron.   

     I am impressed with the image quality of this little gem.  It is sharp at 2.5 and razor sharp at f5.6.     

     Color rendition is accurate.   Colors are rich and separated well.

     Bokeh is surprisingly smooth.   Bokeh fringing is minimal.   

     Chromatic aberrations are well controlled.    

     Contrast is excellent.    Micro contrast is surprisingly good.  

     Images have a 3 dimensional feel which makes this a good choice for street photography.

     This lens also produces nice b/w images.  See pic below.  No effects were used.

     Vivitar 28mm 2.5's regularly sell for $25 to $40.  It is a bargain.   Make sure you by one made by Kiron or Tokina.  The Tokina version is also a very good lens.

viv 28 r0001.JPG

ISO 800 - f4 - handheld

viv 28 rr0002.JPG

ISO 800 - f2.5 - 100% crop - handheld

viv 28 0001.JPG

ISO 200 - f5.6 - 100% crop

viv 28 r0004.JPG

ISO 800 - f4 

ISO 800 - f2.5 - 100% Crop - Bokeh backlight

viv 28 rr0003.JPG

ISO 800 - f4

viv 28 rr bw0001.JPG

ISO 800 - f4 - Simple b/w conversion