About Me

     I find writing these mini biographies to be quite awkward so I will keep it short.  

     I have been a part of the photography world for 35 years.   I attended ACES Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, CT while finishing my senior year in high school.   It was my pleasure to learn from Tim Feresten both in class and in his private workshops.   I've worked in many areas of photography including photojournalism, sales, lab processing and retail management.   

     Along the way I found I had little time to produce my own work and a theft of all my archived films put a huge dent in my darkroom productivity.   My own photography became secondary to my everyday grind.

    Through the years, though, wherever I've worked, I always tried to be as helpful as possible.  For me, a customer deserves as much assistance as can be provided.  When I sell you a camera I am genuinely interested in your needs/wants and the ability to use that camera.   

     Why do I have this site?   

  • This site is not a profit making endeavor.  This is my hobby, not a business.   I buy cameras, repair them if necessary and able, use them and eventually sell them casually to start the process again with more cameras.   Almost everything I own I am interested in trading.    

  • In addition to working in the industry and buying personal items thru the years I have also retained some overstock from a  business I owned & operated years ago.  I stocked lens caps and other accessories which I bought in quantity.   On this site you will find many of those overstocked items which have become part of my personal collection.   It's easier to list those items on a website than to deal with ebay sales or classified ads.

  • I enjoy repairing and cleaning cameras. 

  • I enjoy teaching photography.

  • I am disabled and seriously limited in what I can physically do, but I enjoy being a part of the photography world. 

  • I have always enjoyed film photography.  I strongly believe it is the only way to learn and master the art.  I see too many items being sold today that are non-functional and/or misrepresented by private owners and businesses  I hope to make a small dent in the number of lemons circulating the used market.

  •  I  like to show my work.  I prefer traditional showings but this website allows me to show work without the physical demands of a gallery show.   

  • This site also enables me to share knowledge which I would otherwise have no means to share.  In time, I hope to have a substantial set of instructional guides available for viewing.  

     Please enjoy the site.  If you need an item from my lists, contact me.  If you have questions about a product, a general photography question or need assistance, contact me.