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Camera & Lens Repair

  • Camera repair services have become harder to find and more expensive.    The cost of a good CLA or Clean Lubricate and Adjust has risen well over $100 in most locations.  In many cases, repairs are no longer offered on shutters, meters, etc., due to the cost.   It is often cheaper to buy another camera which is still working well.   

  • Thankfully, not every camera which is acting up, needs a full CLA or even a parts replacement.

  • I have enough experience to recognize and handle many simple repairs myself.  For repairs which I can not perform, I will refer you to a more experienced repair service.   I will also advise you on the feasibility of repairing your camera and lens. 

  • I ask for a $10 donation on all repair requests.   This covers my time and supplies used in diagnosing the issues.  Advice and referrals are free.   

  • The cost of parts is variable and parts are limited to availability.   In almost every case the parts used in repairs will be used parts.   I may have to locate and purchase parts for your equipment.  In that case, you may be asked to prepay for those parts.   Expect to pay a minimum of $10 for parts in any repair.  

  • Repairs are rarely done in one day.  Expect it to take several days or longer if parts need to be ordered.  

  • Examples of repairs that I perform on a regular basis:

  1. Sticky aperture blades in your lens​

  2. Sluggish or stuck mirror

  3. Stuck shutter

  4. Fungus removal from lens interior

  5. Replace levers, dials, base plates and top plates, film doors.

  6. Filter stuck on lens

  7. Focus screen replacement or cleaning on select cameras.

  8. Mirror foam and light seals.

  9. Leatherette repair and replacement.   

  10. Paint touch-ups.  

  11. General cleaning.

  • Examples of repairs that are usually not cost effective​.  Contact me, I will let you know the good or bad news.

  1. Shutter speed adjustment​

  2. Rangefinder adjustment

  3. Replacement of shutter or meter

  4. Canon A Series shutter squeal.  (AE-1, etc.)  

  5. Self timer

  6. Severe haze/old fungus growth inside lens, glass damage, coating separation.  

  7. Focus screen replacement on select cameras.

  8. Meter repair

Camera & Lens Cleaning

  • Keeping a camera/lens clean is vital in extending its working life.   Dirt, grit, excess oil, sand other particles will work their way into the mechanisms of your camera/lens and cause breakage or a reduction in performance.   If you ever owned a point n shoot 35mm camera with a built in lens cap you probably have first hand knowledge of what sand can do to a camera.   These things will happen if your equipment is not kept reasonably clean.

  1. Fungus,  It loves to live on and in your lens.  Don't let it grow, it can destroy your lens 

  2. Scratched film

  3. Faulty shutter or damaged shutter

  4. Sticky aperture

  5. Sticky focus ring

  6. Intermittent electrical contact causing error warnings

  7. Damage to lens coatings

  8. Meter won't activate

  9. Scratchy rewind or worse

  10. Battery contact corrosion causing a loss of power or complete shutdown

  11. Fingerprints become permanently etched in the glass.  

  12. Decaying mirror foams ruin your mirror and focusing screen

  13. Decaying light seals cause light leaks and spread particles all over your film.  

  14. Dust that has entered behind your lens works its way onto the digital sensor causing a $80 cleaning job.

  15. Switches and dials and buttons seize up

  16. USB and other contacts short circuit. ​

  • You can prevent or reduce the chances of equipment failure with occasional cleaning and smart practices.  

  • Improper cleaning can cause damage to sensitive parts of your camera.  For example, the focus screen or lens coating.

  • I ask for a $10 donation for the cleaning of your camera/lens.   This covers cost of materials.

  • If you just need your lens or filter quickly cleaned, come by and I'll do it for free.   

  • If you are missing basic protective accessories for your equipment I may offer you one from my collection for a fair price.  For example, a UV filter, lens cap, strap or case.   

  • Note:  Debris that is internal to the viewfinder assembly or fungus/dust that is inside your lens requires that the equipment be disassembled and cleaned.   In some cases, I can perform this service.  In other cases, it is not feasible to perform or attempt such a cleaning.  I will advise you.  


      All vintage cameras have parts that may break when any repair attempt is made.  For this reason, many repair technicians will refuse to service select cameras and lenses.   Cameras have springs, wires, plastic parts, irreplaceable parts and parts that can not be serviced without the mfg's original equipment, which no one has access to.  In some cases I may be able to give you a straight NO to a repair which may cause more trouble than it's worth, because in the course of repairing your equipment it is possible that a part may break; an irreplaceable part.   This must be expected as it has always been an issue with repairs but is now more likely as film equipment is aging.  

     I am not able to offer a warranty on repairs.   The repairs that I perform rarely involve new parts or overhauls. so it would be dishonest for me to suggest that I can simply re-repair a camera.   If an issue arises within a reasonable time upon the completion of a repair, I will do my best to resolve the problem if it is resolvable.  Keep in mind that I offer my services out of generosity and a care for vintage cameras.

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