Vintage Lens Reviews

     Hover above the brand boxes below to choose a lens review.   My reviews are simple and to the point.    My sample pics are usually of mundane subjects and often taken in less than ideal lighting.    I have limited mobility so I shoot what I see and have access to.  I believe that mundane subjects give a better representation of a lens' characteristics.    Also, by shooting the same subjects repeatedly, I am better able to compare performance between lenses.  
     Most of the sample pics have been taken with an Eos T2i and an Eos M3, but  I am currently doing tests with an Eos 6D.   

APS-C & Full Frame Tests

Eos T2i, Eos M3 & Eos 6D

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Coming Soon
Studio Tests

     In this set of tests I will be looking at image quality in a basic studio setting.    These shots will be taken with two strobes;  Each will have an umbrella.  The background will be natural so that the lens' bokeh can be appreciated.    There are several benefits to doing these tests.   I don't have to leave the house.  Studio lighting allows me to shoot at low ISO and small apertures.   If a lens suffers from diffraction at f11 we will be able to see it.   I can shoot w/out worrying about camera shake.    White balancing is consistent.   Bokeh fringe testing will be very accurate.    I finally have a use for all the knick-knacks we have laying around the house.