Camera Parts

     One of the side effects of buying used cameras is the acquisition of parts.   If you need a battery cover, baseplate, front lens element, rewind crank, top plate, etc., contact me.  


Ricoh KR30p

advance lever has play / scratches on edge of focus screen / works

nikkormat ft

needs solder on sync wires and strap lug

Nikomat FTN

needs screen

Minolta auto 32 flash

Mamiya 500 DTL


Mamiya 500 DTL

no meter, otherwise exc.

Olympus OM 77AF

battery door/no response

Olympus Winderr 2


Canon T70

seized film loader, missing battery cover

Canon QL19

seized shutter, partially disassembled, very clean

Chinon CM5?

no meter, shutter squeal but accurate, loose nameplate

Chinon CP7M

broken baseplate at battery hinge

Fujica STX-1

clean body/stuck shutter/broken crank lever cover

Konica FT-1

missing battery holder, untested

Minolta SRT 100

seized shutter, no meter

Minolta SRT 201

seized shutter

Minolta SRT 202

dead meter

Minolta SRT 101

no meter, mirror return iffy and intermittent

Minolta X-700

no power, no rewind crank

Minolta XD5

timer bad, elec shutter bad, meter bad, dust in viewfinder, bulb & o shutter work.

Minolta SRT 202

no meter, dust in viewfinder

Mamiya 500TL

filthy finder, slow speeds off

Mamiya 1000TL

stiff advance lever, no meter

Mamiya 500 DTL


Nikon N2000

no power

Nikon 4004s

some modes not workng properly.

Pentax P3n

no power, bad switch

Pentax K1000

seized shutter, missing screws

Sears TLS

no meter, self timer lever missing

Sears KSX

no power, manual shutter fires at X

Sears KS Super

no power

Yashica FR1

no meter, bad shutter, dirty viewfinder

Yashica TL Electro AX

shutter linkage bad

Yashica TL Electro

slow speeds are fast, needs battery cover

Yashica Lynx1000

seized focus, bad meter

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