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Leica Mounts

Leica Thread Mount

     In 1930, Leica produced  their first interchangeable lens camera.   The lens mount was 39mm wide and threaded.  This mount was used for 24 years.   Note: Most enlarger lenses used the L39 thread mount.


Leica LTM 39mm

The M Mount

     Introduced in 1954 with the Leica M rangefinder.   The M mount is a bayonet mount.  Leica M 35mm cameras are still being made as of 2020.    Jumping ahead, In 2006, Leica introduced the M8, a digital rangefinder with an M mount.


Leica M

leica m.jpg

Leica M Digital


     Leica offered an adapter for their rangefinders.  It is called the Visoflex.  There are several versions.   It mounts to the front of the camera and converts it into a pseudo slr with a mirror and ground glass focusing screen.  The modern Visoflex is just an electronic viewfinder which slips onto the camera hotshoe.   Do not confuse them.


Leica Visoflex

Leica Visoflex 1


Leica Visoflex 2

L39 & M

Leica Visoflex 3 M

The R Mount

     Leica has always been a rangefinder oriented company, but in 1964 they introduced and slr.   The Leicaflex used the R bayonet mount.  I wish it were that simple.  The R mount has been modified many times.    Let's start with the first version.   It had one curved bar or 'cam' in the mount so it's called a '1 cam'.   The '2 cam' has two cams: go figure.   They are easy to see.   The '3 cam' lens has three cams but the 3rd cam is black and much smaller than the other two.    And, there is a mount called the '3rd cam' or 'R only cam'.   This mount only has the small black 3rd cam.  Entering the cpu era, Leica then introduced the '3rd cam ROM'.  It only has the 3rd cam and cpu contacts.


Leica R  1cam



Leica R 2cam

SL & SL2


Leica R 3cam

All R Cameras


Leica R 3rd



Leica 3rd cam ROM

R8 & R9

Leica L

     L mount products are made by Leica, Panasonic and Sigma.  The SL version is for full frame bodies like the Leica SL. The TL version (formerly T) is for APS-C crop sensor bodies like the TL.  It is a 4 tab bayonet mount with cpu contacts.  


Leica L 'TL'

S Mount

     Leica introuced the S1 in 1996.  It is a medium format digital slr.    There have been several models introduced since then.  They use a specific set of lenses with S mounts.    You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a pic of an S lens mount.   


Leica L 'SL'

Leica Mount Adapters

  • IRZOO 

  • 14127F

  • 14167

  • 16466

LTM lens to M body

Viso M Lens to R (aperture ring)

Viso M Lens to R (no aperture)

Use Hektor125mm,135mm,Telyt 200mm, 280mm,400mm on Visoflex II, III

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