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Pentax SMC A 50mm f2


Filter Size
Lens Mount
Aperture Range
Close Focus
Macro Ration
Year Introduced
Tested with


Pentax K
f2 - f22
.45 meters
Eos M3

fl 135 4.JPG

I must admit that this is the first Pentax K series lens that I've shot with. I used Ricoh lenses when I was young. I expected this lens to image like a Takumar but it actually doesn't. In some respects it is better but it does have its minor faults. This lens handles very well on the M3 mirrorless body. It is lightweight and easy to focus using the optional EVF finder. The aperture ring turns freely and it balances very well in hand. It is tack sharp wide open with excellent contrast. It is sharp corner to corner. I'd say it is sharper than the 55mm f1.8 SMC Takumar. Bokeh is pleasing thru f5.6. Fringing is minimal and color rendition is very accurate but bokeh fringing is noticeable passed f5.6. Keep that in mind if you plan on shooting close-ups with this lens. So then, what's not so good? Flare. If you shoot in the general direction of the sun you will see a significant loss of contrast across the frame. If you shoot toward the sun you will get sharp, hexagonal flare. The build quality is a but disappointing too. The lens feels cheap. Would I shoot with it? Yes. If used properly this lens is capable of good images.

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