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Olympus G Zuiko Auto W 28mm f3.5

My copy has cleaning marks on the front element. Despite the damage, the lens is sharp. It handles well on mirrorless bodies and is easy to focus, like all other Zuiko's I've tested. At f3.5 it is sharp enough to use w/out hesitation. It is very sharp with excellent contrast at f5.6. Flare causes a shift in color and a loss of contrast but it is natural to the eye. Color rendition is accurate with natural saturation. Shadow detail is quite good. Fringing can be seen at f3.5 in high contrast lighting.. It is easily corrected. Vignetting isn't noticeable on the sub frame Eos M3. Although it is slow at f3.5, it makes for a good standard lens replacement on sub frame digital bodies.

Olympus 28mm f3.6 Auto W
100% crop @ f3.5
Olympus lens test
Olympus wide angle lens
Olympus wide angle lens test

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