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Vintage Lens Reviews

Hello fellow photogs. I've been buying and selling equipment at an accelerated pace in the last year in order to shoot with as many old lenses as possible. I have accumalated a significant number of reviews that I'd like to share with you. These reviews are always available on my site at for those of you who prefer to browse and choose which review to view. I have recently added a full frame body to my bag and will be adding updates to many of my current APS-C reviews. I do not perform resolution tests. My reviews are short and to the point. It is my hope that offering reviews in a blog setting will increase awareness of my website and that more of you will take advantage of the resources I have to offer. If you would like to buy/sell/trade please contact me here.

Please bookmark this blog. Thank you for giving it a look.

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Updated Resources

I am currently updating the Filter Size Charts. I've added several more brands and filled in some blanks. I've also updated the Series Filter Info page with many new adapter codes. Ednalite sizess


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