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Yashica ML 50mm f1.4

     This lens rates highly on resolution tests.   It is similar to it's more expensive brother, the Contax Planar 50mm f1.4.   
     These shots were taken on my T2i with a cheap adapter.   It fits the body tightly but the lens has a little play.   
     This particular lens has significant fungus on the rear element and a sticky aperture, but like most quality lenses it still produces nice images.

     Focus is well dampened.  Aperture jumps from f1.4 to f2 thru f16 with no half stops.   There is no f1.7 setting.  It is made well but not quite up to Zeiss standards and that is to be expected.

     Tack sharp.  It's that simple.    It is a tad soft at f1.4, but only at minimum focus distance.   It is very sharp at f2 and razor sharp at f4.   Corner to corner sharpness is excellent.   

     Contrast is excellent.  Shadow detail is exceptional, just like its Planar siblings.   

     Color rendition is excellent.   Backlighting does not cause noticeable.  No color shifts seen in testng w/ only a slight loss of contrast.  

     Bokeh is smooth and bokeh fringing is not noticeable.   No

     In extreme lighting it will purple fringe at f1.4.   This is consistent with most Planars.   

     Black and white images are beautiful from this lens.   Tonal range and detail is superb.    

     It is exactly what a 50mm should be.   It is versatile and reliable. 


ISO 800 - f2


ISO 800 - f2 - tight crop


ISO 800 - f2


ISO 800 - f1.4 - minor contrast adjustment


ISO 800 - f1.4

notice the narrow in-focus line


ISO 800 - f1.4


ISO 800 - f2.8 - minor contrast adjustment


ISO 800 - f2


ISO 800 - f1.4 - 100% crop - fringing


bokeh fringe - f1.4


bokeh fringe - f2


bokeh fringe - f2.8


bokeh fringe - f4

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