Fujinon ES 75mm f4.5 Enlarging Lens

     These test shots are all taken using a T2i w/ a focusing helicoid between the lens and camera.   Extension on most of these shots is somewhere around 50mm.   Subject distances were approximately 1.5 feet from the lens.  Macro ratio is  approximately 1:4.   

     All shots were handheld and lighted by strobes in umbrellas.

     In direct comparison to a Micro Nikkor 55mm the Fujinon did well.  The Nikkor was slightly sharper w/ more contrast and that is no surprise.  If you have a solid macro lens like a Micro Nikkor 55 f3.5 you should use it.   If you choose to shoot macro with this lens you will not be disappointed, though.












ISO 800 - f4

© Robert Allen Kautz