Used  Accessories

Camera Bags

Lowepro Adventura 170  

Lowepro Nova 140AW

Lowepro Nova 1  

Lowepro Nova 4AW

Lowepro D100 Stealth Reporter

Lowepro EX 180

Lowepro Lg Waist Pack

Large SLR Holster

Canon OEM small slr bag

Medium Sized Camcorder Case

Tenba vintage 

Tamrac slr bag, waist strap

Misc others

Small SLR Holster

Remote Release

Metal Release w/ lock screw

Metal Release w/ lock dial

Air Release (Bubble)

12" Cable Release w/ lock screw

Bittco 10" AR-2 style (Nikon SP)

Kodak Auto Release (no cable)

Camera Cases​

Mamiya 528TL Ready Case

Generic Ready Case

     -  Screw is 3" from right edge

Yashica TL ElectroX Ready Case

Tashica TL Electro Ready Case

Nikkormat Textured Black

Leather Ready Case 

Lens Cases​

Nippon Kogaku Brown Leather

     - holds 3.5" h x 2.75" w

Black Leather Lens Case

     -  holds 4" h x  2.75" w

Misc Soft Cases

Pentax Takumar 200 f4

OEM Lens Caps

Takumar m42 rear 

Takumar 200mm f4 

40mm rubber lens guard

Pentax 90's era 52mm

Tokina 70's era 67mm

Yashica 57mm slipon (worn)

Leather 55mm- Germany

Leather 49mm- Germany

Leather 32mm- Germany

Nikon LF-1 rear

Asahi Pentax 200mm

JC Penney 62mm

Minolta Body (smooth ctr)

Minolta Body (textured ctr)

Minolta MD rear

Canon 52mm fd era pinch-on

Canon Body fd era push-on

Canon Body fd

Canon Body Eos

Nikon 52mm non-Ai era

Olympus OM Body

Ricoh rear push-on

Canon rear Eos

Honeywell Pentax 49mm

49mm metal screw-on

48mm metal screw-on

Olympus Pen (worn)

Camera Straps

Vintage Sears (Nr Mint) Hippie

Nikon (generic) neoprene

Optech neoprene

Canon Eos OEM

Braided Buckled Bag Strap

Nikon (generic 90's)

Optech Neoprene (worn)

Nikon OEM 90's era woven

PC Cords

15ft PC male to PC female  (straight)

Paramount 3.5mm to PC male

Paramount HH to PC male (coiled)

12ft Sunpak 383 to PC male

3ft PC male to PC male

HH female to PC female adapter

PC male to PC male (short)

Vivitar to PC male (short)

Rollei HH to PC male (short)

3.5mm to PC male (short)

Metz 45 CT1 to PC male (short)

PC female to PC male (short)

PC male to PC male (short)

Misc Cords.......Request a Photo

Shoe Adapters - Acc Shoes

Nikkormat Acc Shoe w/ Eyepiece

Nikkormat Acc Shoe

Nikon Eyepiece FM/FM2/FA

Sears TLS Cold Shoe

Zeiss Ikon Cold Shoe

Nikomat Cold Shoe

Mamiya Sekor Cold Shoe

Olympus Shoe 2

Tilt Hot Shoe Adapter

Mamiya TL Eye Correction Adapter (no glass)

Minolta Autopak 8 Rubber Eyepiece

Misc Used​

Bell and Howell Microphone

Aiwa DM-59 Microphone

Canon AE-1 Eyecup

Ricoh TC-40

Sylvania Press 25 (12 pack)

Sylvania M3 (12 pack)

Dejur Dual Light Meter

Minolta 50 f1.7 MD Box

Spiratone M42 to T-mount

Canon Hot Shoe Cover (EX)

Nikon Focus Screen A  (fair)

OM-1n winder contact cover

Quantum MA2 cord for 283

Minolta NC-1 pack (Auto 28/32)

Vivitar 3500 DM/C module

120 Film Spool

Tiffen Argus C (Quick Read Diaphragm)

Kodak Verichrome Pan 620 (NOS 1968)

OEM Lens Hoods

Nikon HR-4  Exc-

Nikon Metal Hood for 50/85  Exc

Nikon HS-4  105/135  Exc++

Nikon HN-23 for 85mm 1.8