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Non-Dedicated Flashes

Hanimex TS855


Twin flash for fill/main.  Swivel, tilt head.

Vivitar Auto 252

Exc ++

Test button/ready light.    A/M switch.  Shoe lock.  Built-in PC cord.  Lighted dial.

Quantaray MS-1 (Slave Strobe)


Small flash.  Slave only.  Shoe is cold.

Promatic TCL 2450

Exc +

 A/M switch.

Vivitar Auto 202


Test button.  A/M switch.

Vivitar Auto 215

Very Good

A/M switch.  A small flash.

Sunpak Softlite 1600A


Small A/M flash w/ tilt head.

Minolta Auto 25


Basic flash.  A/M switch. 

Vivitar Auto 251

Exc ++

Vertical/Horizontal.  A/M switch.  Built-in PC cord.  Ready light.

Vivitar Auto 2600


A/M switch.  Test button.   Ready light.

Hitacon Mini


Very small, simple flash.  

Kalimar 173 Quick


Small and basic.  

Dedicated Flashes / Modules

Minolta 2800 AF


Dedicated standard shoe mount flash for late 80's era Minoltas.  May work with 2012 & newer Sony's.  

Promatic FTD 4500AF

Exc -

Dedicated for Minolta AF w/ a standard shoe.   Late 80's era.  May work with 2012 & newer Sony digitals.   Tilt, swivel, zoom head.  Twin flash.

Flash Modules


Vivitar for Canon AE-1.

Promaster for Nikon and Minolta manual focus.

Sunpak Digiflash 3000

(Eos Digital)


Dedicated to Canon D-Slr's.  Swivel, tilt, zoom head.   No manual power controls.

Promaster 5600


Twin flash.  Requires module.  Promaster and Quantaray modules are the same.   Tilt, swivel, zoom head.

Vivitar 550FD

Very Good

Some wear.  Low voltage - safe for digitals.   TTL, auto & manual.  Dedicated for Canon/Ricoh.

Quantaray 9500A

Exc +

Powerful twin flash.   Requires module.  (shown w/ module)  Quantaray and Promaster modules are the same.  Tilt, swivel, zoom head.    


Dejur Dual Pro Meter

Exc -

Works well.   Chrome has peeled in two small spots.

Vivitar 45 Meter

Exc +

w/ case.  Uses LR44 battery.

Vivitar 283 Lens Filter Adapter

Exc -

Minimal wear.

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