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     Things to consider when shooting sunsets...

  • Remove your lens filters unless you specifically need a graduated neutral density filter.

  • Clean your lens with a high quality lens cloth, such as Zeiss Wipes, or you will get nasty  and spotting.

  • Use a tripod and start planning your shot at least 30 minutes early.  

  • Use a small aperture, say f11.

  • Expose for the brightest sky immediately surrounding the sun.  The sun is king in sunset pics.

  • Use a wide angle lens at f22 with the sun partially blocked to create a star effect.

  • Give your subject the most room in the scene.  If you are shooting the dramatic sky, fill the photo with mostly sky.  If you are shooting a silhouette with your subject in the foreground, fill the photo with mostly foreground. 

  • Use fill flash for backlit, sunset portraits.

  • Don't be afraid to shoot vertically.

  • Bracket your exposures.

  • Shoot constantly as the light will change every second.

  • Keep shooting after the sun passes the horizon.

  • Use live view instead of the viewfinder, it's easier on your eyes.

  • Use aperture priority and auto ISO in rapidly changing lighting.  You will need to use exposure compensation to fine tune the exposure first.  

Robert Allen Kautz - Sunset
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