Nikkor 55mm f3.5 Micro

      The light was failing so I grabbed an onion.   Don't ask.   The 55 Micro-Nikkor is known for being tack sharp.   No news here, it is tack sharp.   Bokeh is smooth thru f11.   Contrast is good at all apertures.  Bokeh fringing is well controlled.   In normal shooting the Micro-Nikkor performs as well as Nikon's fast primes.    In my past experience with this lens on 35mm bodies I found it handled high contrast scenes very well.   If you are buying your first Nikon and you want a 50mm do not discount the Micro-Nikkor 55mm because it isn't a fast f1.4.  

55 micro0001.JPG

f3.5 - ISO 400

55 micro0002.JPG

f11 - ISO 400

55 micro0003.JPG

f4 - ISO 400

55 micro0004.JPG

f5.6 - ISO 400