Nikkor 50mm f2 HC

      This lens sells for less than the more popular H model.   I'm not sure why.  Perhaps it is due to slightly lower tolerances in its construction.   Optically, it's all Nikkor.   It's sharp at f2.  Bokeh is pleasing at wide apertures.  Focusing is not as well dampened as other Nikkors but that can be changed with a regreasing.    If you can get a good copy of this lens, don't hesitate.  

nikkor 50 hc
50 hc0003.JPG
50 hc0002.JPG

f4 - ISO 400

50 hc0001.JPG

f2 - 100% Crop - ISO 400

50 hc0005.JPG

f4 - ISO 400

f4 - 100% Crop - ISO 400