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Nikon 100mm f2.8 Series E

Filter Size: 

Lens mount:

Aperture Range:

Close Focus:

Macro Ratio

Year Introduced:

Tested with...


Nikon Ai-S


1 meter



Eos 6D

Nikon 100mm f2.8 Series E lens

     Is this a good lens?  Yes.  Does it have faults?  Yes.  These shots were taken with an Eos 6D.  This lens is compact and lightweight.  It does have a significant amount of plastic in it and it would be a much better lens if the focus helicoid wasn't plastic.  That is a problem.  Servicing the helicoid is difficult.   Focus dampening is not good at all.  So, why shoot with it? 
     It's sharp.  It's sharp wide open.  Bokeh transitions are very smooth.  Color is accurate and a little bit undersaturated.  Contrast is slightly soft.  Abberations are almost non-existent.  Corner sharpness is very good.  It is designed to be a portrait lens and it does the job very well.    

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