Olympus OM 35mm F2

     I just received this lens and I have wanted one for quite some time.    On the 6D it handles like all OM lenses that I've tested; very well.  Focusing is easy and all rings move freely.   
     I have to remind myself when receiving a lens like this not to expect too much from it.    Then again, I want to see what makes it so desirable.

     At f2 it is sharp in the center and typically blurry in the corners.   There is also noticeable vignetting.   Distortion is also noticeable in any shot w/ straight lines.   

     At f4 the lens becomes formidable.   Vignetting is meaningless and it is sharp corner to corner.   

     Color rendition is slightly warm, which is nice when shooting digital.   Saturation is higher then average.

     Contrast is a tad low at f2 but punches up at f2.8.   Shadow detail is excellent.   

     Bokeh is smooth and doesn't vary much as it's stopped down.   

     I didn't notice fringing or flare on first use.   I'll test it further.

     Black and white images offer good contrast.

     At f4 this lens will give sharp, contrasty, detailed and colorful images.    It has the makings of a great street lens.   Some post processing will be needed for vignetting at wide apertures and distortion.     

     It's a very good lens.   

Olympus OM 35mm F2





f4 - neutral b/w - 100% crop


f4 - distortion




f2 & f4 - Vignetting & Contrast


f2 & f4 - 100% crop






f4 - 100% extreme corner crop