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Quantaray 70-300mm f4-5.6 LD Macro

Filter Size: 

Lens mount:

Aperture Range:

Close Focus:

Macro Ratio

Year Introduced:

Tested with...


Nikon AF





Eos T2i


     This is a Tamron made lens.  It is simlar to the modern version except that it doesn't have an internal focus motor.   I tested the Nikon AF version on the Canon T2i with an adapter.

     When I worked for Ritz camera I sold many of these lenses.   It is an excellent lens for the money and now that the Quantaray version has dropped in price considerably on the used market, it is a steal.    
     I want to be clear, this lens has great IQ.  At f4 it is sharp, especially from 70-200mm.   At f5.6 it becomes tack sharp.   It is sharper than the current Tamron 70-300 IS lens.  I know because I have one.   At 180mm f5.6 it is exceptional.

     In macro mode it is exceptional at 180mm and focused down to 1:2 ratio in any f-stop.   At 300mm it is a little soft.   
     The lens does show purple fringing at highlight edges at f4.  It is gone by f8 and barely notieable at f5.6.  
     Bokeh fringing is noticeble in high contrast transitions at f4.  Bokeh is smooth for a telephoto zoom, though: really smooth.

     IQ is high.  This lens has nice micro contrast.   Images have depth and texture that most telephoto zooms can't produce, including most modern 70-300's at any price range.  

     This is a great macro/sports/wildlife lens.  It truly eliminates the need for a dedicated macro and produces excellent images in general use.

Quantaray 70-300 LD 20002.JPG

ISO 800 - f5.6

Quantaray 70-300 LD 10004.JPG

ISO 800 - f4

Quantaray 70-300 LD 10003.JPG

ISO 800 - f5.6

Quantaray 70-300 LD 30003.JPG

ISO 200 - f4 - 50%crop

Quantaray 70-300 LD 20001.JPG

ISO 400 - f5.6 - 180mm

slight crop

Quantaray 70-300 LD 10001.JPG

ISO 800 - f4 - 50%crop

Quantaray 70-300 LD 30002.JPG

ISO 400 - f5.6

Quantaray 70-300 LD 10002.JPG

ISO 800 - f4- 100%crop

Quantaray 70-300 LD 10005.JPG

ISO 800 - f4 - 100%crop

Quantaray 70-300 LD 20003.JPG

ISO 200 - f5.6

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