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Vivitar TX 35mm f2.8

      My copy of this lens was made by Tokina.   I used a Minolta TX mount to test this lens on my Eos M3.   

     This lens surprised me.   I expected it to be sharp at f8 w/ lots of Chroma.   I was wrong.  

     This old lens is sharp enough at f2.8 it is sharp 'corner to corner' up to f11.  The whole frame tightens up nicely as you climb through the f-stops.

      Fringing is barely noticeable at 100% crop.  Barely noticeable.   

     I did not test flare yet but I might guess it's well controlled.

     Colors are a little flat but accurate.  Contrast is consistent thru the entire aperture range. 

     Bokeh is a tad rough above f2.8.   At f4 and up highlights form hexagons and circles.  
     The focus throw on this lens is very, very long.   It's a long tedious turn from 3 ft to infinity.  It is difficult to focus handheld.   Even on the M3 with the image magnified I was unsure of focus.   

     Focus is heavily dampened, too.   It is smooth but slow.    It is possible that my copy needs a regreasing.  

viv tx f560001.JPG

ISO 200 - f4 - 100% crop

viv 35 tx300000104.JPG

ISO 800 - f4 - 100% crop

harsh light - corner

viv 35 tx400000103.JPG

ISO 800 - f4 - 75% crop 

viv 35 tx300000103.JPG

ISO 800 - f4 - 100% crop

viv 35 tx200000103.JPG

ISO 4000 - f5.6 - 50% crop

viv 35 tx200000106.JPG

ISO 6400 - f2.8 - 75% crop

viv 35 tx300000105.JPG

ISO 800 - f2.8 - 100% crop

viv 35 tx400000104.JPG

ISO 800 - f2.8 - 100% crop -

corner harsh light

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