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Yashica ML 135mm f2.8

     This is a Yashica made Yashica ML 135mm f2.8.   It feels like a 135mm Sonnar.   Focus dampening is smooth yet strong.   Aperture clicks quietly but positively.   It has a built in hood.  Focus throw is quite long.   Minimum focus distance is approximately 4 feet.   

     I've only had a few minutes with it but it appears to be quite good.   F2.8 is a tad soft but it tightens right up by f5.6.  It is quite usable at f2.8.  

     At f5.6 it is very sharp all the way to the corners.

     Fringing can be seen at 100% but it's minimal.  

     Bokeh is quite pleasing.  
     Contrast is excellent.   

     Color rendition is very accurate.

     Black and white tonality is a tad flat but quite usable.

     This is one of the best 135mm's I've ever used.    The only negative is the 4 ft minimum focus distance.   


Eos M3


ISO 400 - f2.8, f4 & f5.6 -100% crops

Eos 6D


f2.8 - full frame and tight crop - mimimal fringing


f2.8 - full frame and 100% crop - sharp






f5.6 - neutral b/w


f2.8 - 100% crop




f5.6 - full frame, center & corner crops - very sharp


f5.6 - full frame and 100% corner crop - very sharp

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